The establishment of Marine Agency Solutions is designed to cater the needs of the marine industry, specifically on agencies involved in maritime operations and logistics. These solutions are developed to streamline and optimize various aspects of Marine Agency Operation, Provision, Husbandry and Vessel Chartering. Our Marine & Agency Team with vast knowledge and experience in the industry for the past 15 years is here to assist your maritime and operations needs.

Shipping Agency

Shipping Provision & Husbandry

Vessel Chartering


We are offering a variety of end-to-end logistics-related service activities and other value-added services for a total logistics services package.
With a highly intuitive understanding of the operations and business culture. We can bolster our customers’ bottom-line solutions for their complex supply chain process.
Our warehouse is strategically located inside the Free Zone of Port of Tanjung Pelepas, with 7600 square feet of space and has always been our customer’s preferred choice for their cargo transit, transloading and storage.

Custom Brokerage

Warehouse & Distributions

Trucking & Haulier Services