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There are many solutions and less challenges to ship your cargo to main trading ports comparing to shipping your cargo to out ports. To the out ports, solutions are much less and challenges are greater, hence not many are willing to take risks to develop and grow shipping connectivity to these out ports. GU Shipping aims to provide the solutions to these out ports by developing shipping connectivity to these ports.
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About Us

Welcome To GU Shipping

GU Shipping is a Malaysian shipping and freight forwarding company with a mission to provide solutions for shipping and cargo services. It primary focus is to connect to out ports and make transportation to these trading areas less challenging. The company is set up with a long-term mission to provide transportation services that is simple in pricing and efficient in services.

Although the company has just newly formed, GU Shipping people has a combined 15 years’ of experience and knowledge in shipping, customs brokerage, freight forwarding and cross border handling. We are committed to ensure that our services remain a real solution to you, not just another product in the market.